Welcome to Staten Island Buick GMC Service Center

Our Staten Island Buick GMC team of service professionals is excited to work with drivers from Staten Island, New York, and beyond! Whether you know what kind of service your car, truck, or SUV needs or not, our team of seasoned technicians is prepared to assist you with all your maintenance and repair needs.

Service and Maintenance

Rely on our team for various services for your Buick Enclave, GMC Terrain, or any other vehicles. Throughout years of use, your car may require routine tasks like wiper blade replacements, as well as more complex repairs like transmission overhauls. We do it all and will be thorough, but efficient.

Service Offers And Pricing

We offer competitive prices on popular vehicle services like oil changes, brakes and tires.


Shopping for New Tires

Your vehicle's tires are the first and only contact with the road, so it is important to choose the right set when replacing them. From checking tire wear to tire pressure, our team can help you find new tires for your vehicle and ensure that the ones you have can go the extra mile.

Need an Oil Change Near STATEN ISLAND

Driving around with dirty oil-or not enough oil-can shorten the life of your engine. The oil lubricates the parts surrounding the engine to create streamlined movements that upgrade your ride's performance.

After some time, the debris taints the oil and should be changed. Our certified service experts can change your oil and replace the filter quickly to get you back on the road.


With your multi-point vehicle inspection, you'll get a thorough assessment of your car. Protect yourself and your investment with a comprehensive inspection at our service center today.

We use a specially designed inspection form with a simple, color-coded key. This details the level of maintenance needed. Here are what the different colors mean:

  • Red indicates items that need immediate attention.
  • Yellow indicates items that should be addressed in the near future.
  • Green indicates no items to address.

This helps you understand what your car may be facing and what you may expect at future appointments.

Hearing Brake Noise?

Stopping power is crucial to a safe and successful driving experience. Brake pads, which protect the rotors, should be replaced after logging 20,000 miles or so.

If you hear your brakes squeaking or grinding when stepping on the pedal, they're ready for service. When you need brake service, visit our service center, and our certified service experts can recommend new, quality brakes.

Battery Trouble?

Your vehicle's battery provides energy to start the engine, plus it supplies power to accessories when the engine is not running. The cold of winter and heat of summer can affect your battery. Batteries last up to five years, but can be tested if you spot symptoms, like the dashboard icon lighting up or a clicking noise when starting the car.

Service and Parts Offers

Remember to check out our latest service and parts offers. We offer specials on popular vehicle services like oil changes, brakes, and tires. Some may be listed for a limited time, so don't miss out!

Making a Service Appointment

Want to schedule a service appointment? Call or stop by our dealership or visit our service center page. Enjoy the convenience of home when you schedule an online service appointment!

Schedule a Service Appointment at Staten Island Buick GMC Today

Get in touch with our service center! When it comes to convenience, Staten Island Buick GMC strives to provide Staten Island, NY, area drivers with a truly modern experience. Choose our service center for all your maintenance and repair needs!

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