Having a range of ways to pay for your vehicle can help you get the car you really want. When riding around Staten Island, Todt Hill, and Dongan Hills, New York, feeling confident stems from picking the right car and payment plan. Let Staten Island Buick GMC help you decide through this guide.

Buying a Car

When you buy a car, you'll be responsible for providing the monthly payment. Once you pay off your loan, the car is yours. Customize it as you wish and figure out if you want to keep it, trade it on, or sell it. Whatever you decide is up to you because it's yours.

If you purchase a GMC Yukon, you'll be able to take it on road trips. For visits to the Jersey Shore or quick clips to Vermont to ski, this amply sized vehicle can be your companion on the road. And since you own the vehicle, you're not limited by mileage. Put on as much as you wish.

Building equity comes from taking on loans and keeping up with their payments. When you sign up for a car loan, it goes on your permanent record aka credit history. If you decide to buy a home in the future, this credit history can be the guideline for creditors to see that you're a reliable borrower.

Leasing a Car

Some motorists may love the flexibility of a lease. This short-term commitment can span up to five years, so you're not tethered to the same car forever. Your life circumstances could change, including expanding your family to include children or a move to another part of the country. If you drive a pickup truck now, it doesn't mean you cannot switch it up to a family SUV.

Plus, when you lease a car, you're getting a brand-new vehicle with the latest technology in audio systems, dashboard screens, safety systems, and plush materials. Once you've grown accustomed to the car and tried out all the exciting features, you can upgrade to the newest model. How fun is that!

After several years, car repairs can add up. With a leased car, you're getting full warranty coverage just like a new car. In the first few years, your car will most likely only need routine service that's affordable and necessary. Your car will be running like new way before you turn it in.

How to Secure Your Payment Plan

Our finance team is available to guide you through either scenario. If you're new to buying or leasing, they can review your individual situation and advise you on the best route to take. Get started by filling out a finance application online. It doesn't matter which payment option you choose-it works for buying, leasing, and cash sales, too.

Buying vs Leasing: Find Out What Works for You

With a range of options, your payment plan can look how you want it to look. It can be designed with your specific situation and lifestyle in Staten Island, Todt Hill, and Dongan Hills, NY in mind. We're looking forward to seeing what you choose and seeing what works for you when buying vs leasing. Contact Staten Island Buick GMC today for an appointment.

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